In the current location of our Restaurant, the imperial riding stables of Empress Maria Theresia had been situated till 1687.
The portal, adorned by an escutcheon, was erected in 1684. and has been well preserved to this day. Gastronomy was established since 1723. under these vaults. The whole building was called “Freihaus Walterskirchen”.

In 1878. Katharina Breyer founded the so called “Protiviner Bierhalle”, named after the small Bohemian town Protivin, where a famous brewery was situated.

As of 1902. the new owner decided to sell only the famous Eudweiser beer.
ln 1919 our grandparents Hofmeister took over the restaurant and called it “Zum alten Burgkeller” that means: ,,At the Old Imperial Cellar”.

ln the postwar era the restaurant changed its name into “Bukarest”, and after 1998. once more into “Beim Hofmeister” named after our surname, in honour and gratitude of our grandparents.

Despite of all these years of changes, the restaurant has always been a welcome meeting place for everybody –  whether workers, students, fraternities or personalities out of the political and economic world who have always been joining us, surrounded by a unique and agreeable atmosphere. My family and I still maintain this family tradition. We hope that you enjoy our hospitality and cuisine.

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The Jakesch Family


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